Home for the Holidays?

Home for the holidays is a phrase we hear over and over again this time of year. There are many songs that we hear that talk about being home for the holidays for pie and family.  We feel nostalgic for days of old that seemed simple and fun. But where is home when we lose our loved ones?

I’ve been focusing on “where is home?” this holiday season as I have been hearing messages of home throughout the season.  When we grow up with loss our views of the holidays take on a different meaning.  There are not only people missing around our Christmas dinner table, we may have lost that sense of “home” of our childhood.  We miss the consistency of our traditions with our family and wonder how we are to keep celebrating and being holly jolly in the month of December.  We have to shift our thoughts of what “Home for the Holidays” truly means.  For me, home for Christmas is now spending some much needed days off at my own home with my husband and his parents who live close to us.  For others, it may be traveling to a different home than they grew up going to if your family moved or you are now spending time with a different family.  No matter where your home is going to be this year, I hope that you are able to enjoy time with those you choose to be around during the season.  I hope that you can remember your fond memories of old and keep some traditions alive while creating new memories.

Published by Bryna Talamantez

LMFT specializing in grief counseling for children, teens, adults and families.

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