Back to School: A Guardian’s Guide to Helping a Grieving Child

As I discussed in my last blog post, my dad died on the fourth day of fourth grade.  I took days four through nine off from school and Monday I was expected to go back. “What? My dad just died. I’m not leaving my mom for 7 hours a day to just go to school.Continue reading “Back to School: A Guardian’s Guide to Helping a Grieving Child”

Mother’s Day Already?

364 days ago I started this blog in the hopes that I could bring some knowledge, first hand experience, and peace to those who are grieving.  As what I have deemed myself as a “professional griever” my hope is that those goals have been achieved.  This week, those of us who are missing our mothers,Continue reading “Mother’s Day Already?”

Home for the Holidays?

Home for the holidays is a phrase we hear over and over again this time of year. There are many songs that we hear that talk about being home for the holidays for pie and family.  We feel nostalgic for days of old that seemed simple and fun. But where is home when we loseContinue reading “Home for the Holidays?”

Thankful November

Throughout the month of November, I participate in #ThankfulNovember on my social media.  Each day of the month, I try to make sure to post things I’m thankful for and it spans from people and things like my husband, family, and job all the way to coffee and chocolate.  On the last day of NovemberContinue reading “Thankful November”

Thankful For Hope

This week in Child Grief Awareness Month, we are focusing on those who have decided to help children along the path of their grief journey.  These people include a child’s parents, caregivers, volunteers at bereavement centers, therapists, and any person who has dedicated some time to loving on and supporting grieving children and teens.  OneContinue reading “Thankful For Hope”

Who Would I Be Now?

Often times during our grief journey, we spend time thinking about who our loved one would be now.  Would they have a new job? Would they be retired and spending time out on the golf course? Would they have graduated high school and gone to college? There are so many what ifs that we thinkContinue reading “Who Would I Be Now?”