You Should Be 70

You should be turning 70 today. This year my phrase isn’t “You WOULD be 70 today if you were here.” Nope. Today my sentiment is “You SHOULD be 70 today”. With so many of our family members making it to this milestone, you should have too. Today I’m upset you’re not here. Today as IContinue reading “You Should Be 70”

A Space for Memories

Memories are the moments that we get to hold onto after our loved one dies. We can pull these memories out for a smile, laugh or tears whenever our brain allows us too. One of the ways to easily do this is by having some pictures or mementos around your home or living space. YouContinue reading “A Space for Memories”

Reliving the Memories

November 14, 2010. I wish I could say I woke up feeling like this day was starting out as any other day, but when I woke up my body seemed to know this day would be anything but normal. I was not currently aware of this, but looking back I think I did deep downContinue reading “Reliving the Memories”

Home for the Holidays?

Home for the holidays is a phrase we hear over and over again this time of year. There are many songs that we hear that talk about being home for the holidays for pie and family.  We feel nostalgic for days of old that seemed simple and fun. But where is home when we loseContinue reading “Home for the Holidays?”