A Space for Memories

Memories are the moments that we get to hold onto after our loved one dies. We can pull these memories out for a smile, laugh or tears whenever our brain allows us too. One of the ways to easily do this is by having some pictures or mementos around your home or living space. You can have these out all year by having pictures on your shelves or walls, or you can have seasonal items that remind you of your loved ones. For me, putting up my Christmas tree every year becomes an experience of remembering special moments from different trips that we went on to acquire the ornament now on our tree, or remembering who passed the ornaments down to me.

Task four of Mourning from Worden asks a griever to remember and honor our loved one while embarking on a new life. By having special ways to honor our loved one in our homes, we are able to keep their memories alive with us as we go about our daily life. Here are some of my favorite ways to hold space for my loved ones:

  • Having pictures in your home
  • Make a special place like a shelf to hold pictures and treasures
  • Have special holiday decorations out that were theirs or something that reminds you of them
  • Watch their favorite movie on special days like their birthday or death anniversary
  • Create a piece of art that reminds you of them to display
  • Tell stories and share memories you have about them
  • Have a piece of jewelry that reminds you of them or wear something of theirs
  • Display something they wrote to you
  • Create a rock garden of special memories
  • Read their favorite book
  • Make their favorite meal

As a way to help people have ways to create ways to remember their loved ones in their home, I have created an Etsy store called MemoriesByBT. In this store, you will find many ways that you can choose to honor and remember special times with your loved one. In the shop you will find wreaths to clip on your favorite pictures and other memories, embroidery pieces that can be a subtle way of remembering your loved one, and other special treasures. I create items that are all handmade by me to be a unique way to honor your loved one. I hope you will check it out! What is your favorite way to honor and remember your loved one?

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Published by Bryna Talamantez

LMFT specializing in grief counseling for children, teens, adults and families.

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