My Grand Baby Grand

“My mother bought it secondhand from a silent movie star It was out of tune but still I learned to play And with each note we both would smile forgetting who we are And all the pain would simply fly away” Well, my mother did not buy our piano second hand. In fact, it wasContinue reading “My Grand Baby Grand”

4th Day of Fourth Grade

In August 2000, I went back to school on August 4th.  It was a Thursday and my dad had been in the hospital for almost 10 months straight. At this point, he had suffered from two heart attacks and multiple organs had started to fail.  My mom and I were guessing his time left onContinue reading “4th Day of Fourth Grade”

Mother’s Day Already?

364 days ago I started this blog in the hopes that I could bring some knowledge, first hand experience, and peace to those who are grieving.  As what I have deemed myself as a “professional griever” my hope is that those goals have been achieved.  This week, those of us who are missing our mothers,Continue reading “Mother’s Day Already?”

Thankful November

Throughout the month of November, I participate in #ThankfulNovember on my social media.  Each day of the month, I try to make sure to post things I’m thankful for and it spans from people and things like my husband, family, and job all the way to coffee and chocolate.  On the last day of NovemberContinue reading “Thankful November”

“And The Stars Spell Out Your Name”

8 years ago, my life was shattered. Earlier this week in my blog post about Child Grief Awareness month, I talked about how children will relive the loss of their loved one over and over again as their loss changes context over time.  This happens to me every year.  Every November 1st, I start replayingContinue reading ““And The Stars Spell Out Your Name””

A Place for Thoughts: The Beginning

Most people who experience loss try not to let their life be defined by them, and I used to live this way too.  Grieving people sometimes do not want the attention of the fact that they are missing an important person at their holiday table, graduation, or wedding.  In a society in which grief andContinue reading “A Place for Thoughts: The Beginning”