Over and Over Again

I am thankful that Child Grief Awareness Month is during the month of November because to be honest, I really dread the month of November.  For the last eight years, I have spent each November 1st through Thanksgiving reliving some of the hardest days of my entire life with its climax being on November 14th.Continue reading “Over and Over Again”

When Celebrities Die

In the past couple years we have lost some great celebrity icons.  From classic figures such as Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams, and the latest Burt Reynolds and Aretha Franklin to younger teen icons like Mac Miller or Avicii, we as a community seem to be very upset when we hear about their passing.Continue reading “When Celebrities Die”

Who Would I Be Now?

Often times during our grief journey, we spend time thinking about who our loved one would be now.  Would they have a new job? Would they be retired and spending time out on the golf course? Would they have graduated high school and gone to college? There are so many what ifs that we thinkContinue reading “Who Would I Be Now?”

This Is What Grief Looks Like

This is what grief looks like.  For the few months I have found myself emerged in a flood of memories.  I have been sorting pictures that we quickly threw into albums while we were trying to move out of my mom’s house seven years ago. Everything was out of order but safe in about 40 albumsContinue reading “This Is What Grief Looks Like”

Grief Monsters

When working with bereaved kids, and sometimes adults, I always end up talking about grief monsters.  These are ugly looking creatures that live in our bodies that take over when our grief feelings become too big.  Each of us has one and none of them look the same.  Some people’s monsters are red or black.Continue reading “Grief Monsters”

A Place for Thoughts: The Beginning

Most people who experience loss try not to let their life be defined by them, and I used to live this way too.  Grieving people sometimes do not want the attention of the fact that they are missing an important person at their holiday table, graduation, or wedding.  In a society in which grief andContinue reading “A Place for Thoughts: The Beginning”