Memorial Day: A Day to Remember


Memorial Day. The unofficial start of summer. The three day weekend that everyone looks forward to after Spring Break  and an excuse to break out their red, white, and blue before the Fourth of July.  To families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty, to those who have sacrificed their life for the lives of others, this day has a completely different meaning.

Memorial Day should be a time of reflection, a time of mourning.  If you were to go into one of the 135 national cemeteries in the United States on this day, you will not find burgers and parties.  You will find spouses, mothers, fathers, siblings, children and other family members of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  There are no hot dogs, there are tears and flags.

Today, my message is short and sweet.  Tomorrow as many will be with friends and family enjoying time together on this three day weekend, I hope that you take a moment to remember those who have an empty chair at their table.

Published by Bryna Talamantez

LMFT specializing in grief counseling for children, teens, adults and families.

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