You Should Be 70

You should be turning 70 today. This year my phrase isn’t “You WOULD be 70 today if you were here.” Nope. Today my sentiment is “You SHOULD be 70 today”. With so many of our family members making it to this milestone, you should have too. Today I’m upset you’re not here. Today as IContinue reading “You Should Be 70”

Task Three: Adjusting

We have reached week three of our series on Worden’s Four Tasks of Mourning. This week we are talking about the third task which is to adjust to an environment where the deceased is missing. This task focuses on working on finding a new normal without our loved one with us. If you have notContinue reading “Task Three: Adjusting”

The First Tasks: Acceptance

There are many approaches that people have created to illustrate how people process grief.  Some talk about stages, some talk about steps, and one talks about tasks.  William Worden provides for us four tasks of grief in order to achieve equilibrium in our life again. These four tasks can be completed in the order theContinue reading “The First Tasks: Acceptance”

Back to School: A Guardian’s Guide to Helping a Grieving Child

As I discussed in my last blog post, my dad died on the fourth day of fourth grade.  I took days four through nine off from school and Monday I was expected to go back. “What? My dad just died. I’m not leaving my mom for 7 hours a day to just go to school.Continue reading “Back to School: A Guardian’s Guide to Helping a Grieving Child”

“Tidying Up” Your Grief

Marie Kondo has been one of the most influential people in our society in the past several years.  Not only does she have a book, but now she has a Netflix series that many have loved watching as they make their mountain of clothes and start to see whether their items spark joy or ifContinue reading ““Tidying Up” Your Grief”

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day in which we honor those who have fallen during active service for our country. We spend time remembering their sacrifice and their bravery. In recent times, Memorial Day has been the unofficial kickoff of summer. Some kids are already out of school, pools are opening, shopping sales are great, andContinue reading “Memorial Day”

Thankful For Hope

This week in Child Grief Awareness Month, we are focusing on those who have decided to help children along the path of their grief journey.  These people include a child’s parents, caregivers, volunteers at bereavement centers, therapists, and any person who has dedicated some time to loving on and supporting grieving children and teens.  OneContinue reading “Thankful For Hope”

“And The Stars Spell Out Your Name”

8 years ago, my life was shattered. Earlier this week in my blog post about Child Grief Awareness month, I talked about how children will relive the loss of their loved one over and over again as their loss changes context over time.  This happens to me every year.  Every November 1st, I start replayingContinue reading ““And The Stars Spell Out Your Name””

Over and Over Again

I am thankful that Child Grief Awareness Month is during the month of November because to be honest, I really dread the month of November.  For the last eight years, I have spent each November 1st through Thanksgiving reliving some of the hardest days of my entire life with its climax being on November 14th.Continue reading “Over and Over Again”